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Melodeon on the Road Home

by Jen Hadfield

I love your slut dog,
as silent with his three print spots
as a musical primer.
He sags like a melodeon
across my spread knees.
When I did my fingers
into the butterfly hollows
in his chest, he pushes my breasts
apart with stiff legs.
Isn’t it good to be hearing your dog’s tune
on the broad curve out of town,
a poem starting,
pattering the breathless little keys.
To see more than me, I flick
the headlamps to high beam
and it’s as if I pulled an organ stop–
black light wobbling
in the wrinkles of the road,
high angelus of tree.

1 comment:

Chandini Santosh said...

You amaze me as always. I have a similar feelinged poem posted on my blog roght now.
Twins in a pea pod?