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From the Irish by Ian Duhig

According to Dinneen, a Gael unsurpassed
in lexicographical enterprise, the Irish
for moon means the white circle in a slice
of half-boiled potato or turnip. A star
is the mark on the forehead of a beast
and the sun is the bottom of a lake, or well.

Well, if I say to you your face
is like a slice of half-boiled turnip,
your hair is the colour of a lake's bottom
and at the centre of each of your eyes
is the mark of the beast, it is because
I want to love you properly, according to Dinneen.


Maria said...


Sayani said...

i realize how easy to criticize others .....
to say good it is always a good heart needed..
thanks for sharing

Wordcrafter said...

lad you like this Maria. And Sayani, I didn't see it like that actually, there is something very touching and I just think it is a beautiful poem, of course it has that lively Irish wit to it too, Thank you for your visits.
Away for a short while now.

Writer Reading said...

This is very funny, setting up the images and then using them paradoxically, in a way that sounds like a terrible insult and is in fact a quirky declaration of love.

Wordcrafter said...

You are right WR, that is what is so quirky and touching too, I love this poem, came across it by chance and haven't read any other by the same poet, but must try and find his work.
Thanks for your visit.

Anonymous said...

I loved this! reminds me of Shakespeare's Sonnett 130. :D