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Encounter in the Chestnut Avenue by Rainer Maria Rilke

He felt the entrance's green darkness
wrapped cooly round him like a silken cloak
that he was still accepting and arranging;
when at the opposite transparent end, far off,
through green sunlight, as through green window panes,
whitely a solitary shape
flared up, long remaining distant
and then finally, the downdriving light
boiling over it at every step,
bearing on itself a bright pulsation,
which in the blond ran shyly to the back.
But suddenly the shade was deep,
and nearby eyes lay gazing

from a clear new unselfconscious face,
which, as in a portrait, lived intensely
in the instant things split off again:
first there forever, and then not at all.


Princess Haiku said...

We love a lot of the same poets.

wordcrafter said...

Oh Princess, thrilled someone discovered this little corner, had just started adding bits and pieces that live in my heart, did not expect visitors... a sort of drawer for little things I like; thrilled with the surprise. Yes I noticed on your site, we do share quite a few things in common. Also in music, Bach.. and others, do you enjoy the songs of Hildegard von Bingen too, by any chance? I used to play the flute, long ago.too.